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äääääh ….


Pow Pow

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Chill day + Snowstorm + buddy came by

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Today we had another chill day, its been snowing alot today! and still snowing…
During the day my Swedish friend Jonas Carlson came by with Kazu aka Japans finest! we played some wii and were just hanging out!
After i worked on the sled to get it working again 🙂 and then we ended up going out for a night sled ride 🙂 which was fun!

Hangover Day

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Yesterday night we went down to Reno!
it was pretty fun! went out gambling a bit and had some beers!
and slept on the floor with miller in the hotel! awsome! 😛
Today we been just hanging out! its super windy outside because of the incoming storm this week!
Miller had this great idea that we should go rafting… so we went to the beach with the boats, but it turned out to shit haha… way to windy! so we went downtown, bought some panda and rent a movie!
Here is some pics….


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IF Its meant to BE… its meant to BE… If not… welll :S hm… :/
jeje den som lever får se…

Dangerzone – Donner Summit QP

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